Ex-Pats to Re-Pats: Brayson and Rachelene

by Chud Spineless

Brayson and Rachelene, unpictured are their dogs Beyonce and Pat Kane

Brayson and Rachelene. Unpictured are their dogs Beyonce and Pat Kane.

When he first asked her out in high school in Williamsville, Rachelene Mackenzie Smith-Jones, 30, rejected Brayson Cory Berger-Butler, 32, flat-out.

“He asked me to go to Q-Zar and I was like, ‘I’m 16 years old, I want to go to Carraba’s,” Rachelene laughs.

The two reconnected years later when they both found themselves in Boulder, Colorado after college. Brayson was doing public relations for an energy industry group when he met Rachelene at a dog yoga class.

“I was like, ‘Could it be…’” Brayson says.

“At first I didn’t recognize him. His arm cysts were gone and he wasn’t wearing head-to-toe Hollister,” Rachelene adds.

While they both loved Boulder’s unique architecture and the opportunities for outdoor activities, they decided they needed a change when Colorado legalized recreational marijuana. After reading a series of of listicles featuring Buffalo’s brunch options and new hat store, they decided to give their hometown another chance.

Now, Brayson works full-time breaking people’s legs over unpaid medical debt while Rachelene designs unique pro-life WordPress themes. In their spare time, the couple run an Instagram account that publicly shames people for giving money to the homeless.

“With Buffalo’s resurgence…” Brayson begins.

“We just love being in Buffalo!” Rachelene jumps in, enthusiastically. “From the Elmwood Village to Hertel Street, we come into the city almost every weekend.”

The pair’s favorite activities in Buffalo include eating at restaurants and shopping at shops.

“Buffalo really has everything a young couple could want!” said Rachelene. “We’re really looking forward to getting reacquainted with the rest of the region once it cleans up.”