Copyright Policy

I do my very best to credit sources for everything on this blog that I don’t create myself. If you use anything from this blog, I ask that you do the same.

That being said, everything on “Oh, Good Luck with Your Fourierism” that is my creation is expressly released into the public domain. I assert no copyright, Creative Commons, or any other intellectual property protections for my work, as I believe intellectual property laws are far over-restrictive, outdated, and have a chilling effect on all creative activity. You are free to copy, remix, parody, and do whatever you like with my work; however, I reiterate my request that you give me credit if you do use anything that I post here.

Though it may not always seem like it, I put a lot of thought into my entries on this blog, and I simply wish to receive credit in the event that anyone chooses to repost, comment on, or otherwise use my work.


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