The Actual (i.e. My) Kanye West Album Track Ranking

I’ve wanted to branch out from just writing about Buffalo to more pop culture criticism-type stuff for a while now, and I can’t think of a better place to start than a retort to the ranking of “all” of Kanye West’s album tracks that appeared on Gawker yesterday. I’m a huge Kanye fan and I love bullshitting about rap music, so this piece was right up my alley. I knew sight unseen that I was going to be able to find some grist for the twitter mill in the Gawker list, and sure enough, curator Andy Cush delivered several highly questionable calls, such as ranking “The New Workout Plan” in the 64th percentile of Kanye album tracks (a kind of fun, but overwhelmingly annoying novelty track), not bothering to rank “Late” at all (arguably the best song on Late Registration), and ranking the widely derided (although a personal favorite of mine) “Never Let You Down” as the best Kanye song of all time.

So I bought a bottle of strong beer and locked in with all the Kanye albums last night in order to deliver a superior ranking of his songs. After sleeping on it, I stand by it this morning with only a little second guessing (Do I really like “Heard ‘Em Say” and “Touch the Sky” less than “Gold Digger”?). There’s fewer totally inane calls on my list than the Gawker one (Yeah? “Addiction” is not only better than “So Appalled,” but by a margin of 16 songs?), but I’m sure there are enough controversial picks here to, Kanye fans being Kanye fans, generate some sincere debate and name calling.

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